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Our financing is totally different to any borrowing you might have obtained from your bank in the past. You don't need a squeaky clean credit history – and you don't even need any collateral. Even if you do have a great credit history and lots of collateral to put down you're still not guaranteed that banks will lend to you. With us on the other hand you can get an automotive business loan regardless of your credit history – and regardless of whether you've got collateral to put down or not. We'll arrange the repayments for you too, and we'll make sure that they're flexible, but most importantly affordable. We use an automated system that will help keep your business on track, a system that ensures that payments are never overlooked or late.

Business Cash Advance
Cash Advance vs Loans

The main reasons why many business owners have used cash advances through BMF come down to two issues.

  • Businesses are more likely to be approved through cash advances than with bank loans - often businesses that may not have the strong financial history use cash advances because of the higher chance of approval allotted to them.

  • Cash advances are streamlined to be quick and efficient. A faster approval means that your money can be in your account much quicker, and when time is money, you cannot wait around for weeks or even months, to possibly be rejected by a bank.

Credit Rating and Approval Process